Bought the $10 pack on this account as well. Sc’s book timing cannot be more perfect than this. I got a free book from the trader and now I have a second book for the season bank next week.

I upgraded the eagle because I gains 12.5% more strength. It could be much better but that would make th13 offense too weak. I’d have preferred if it went up to at least 500, that way it will almost one shot all th12 troops even with the warden. Then if th13 gets the buff I proposed, th13 troops would survive the eagle which makes things balanced again.

I’m still using crows although I get crushed a lot. This base is just too weak against electros which is one of the commonest armies around. Even a poorly funneled electro attack would invariably hit the core and take out my de with some luck. I’ll compare losses between this and my main account soon and post the results. It would be interesting to see if a couple of defense levels and an objectively harder base would lead to reduced loot losses or not.

I have 2 long days to farm the de necessary for the next RC level. Once the gold storage or scattershot is done upgrading, I will most probably use my excess de to upgrade bk so I’ll have 3 heroes upgrading at the same time. This account uses less gems so I should be able to keep up with all 3 heroes easily. My main account uses a ton of builder potions and gems so it is actually harder to upgrade heroes on that account.

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