Now that my RC is lvl10 and upgrading to lvl11, can I consider her to be halfway done? Hell no, lvl11-20 costs 4 times more than lvl1-10 so I wouldn’t consider myself halfway done. Yet many low levels seem to think that having a lvl35 BK/AQ is halfway done, when in reality lvl45-50 is closer to the midpoint. Got downvoted in reddit because of this, dumb people.

The “30 levels” myth have been spread around so much that TH9s think that they are special because their heroes are so hard to upgrade. But then when you look at the cost in time and DE, lvl1-30 is only about 18% completion so maxing TH9 heroes doesn’t make you special.

I have another 2.5 days to farm 11mil elixir, this should be easy. I don’t have any builder available to help me upgrade AQ/BK for now so I will either overflow my DE or gem my RC. I’ll most likely take the latter option but I am keen to upgrade my BK/AQ soon so that they can be maxed asap.


  1. I agree, lv30 heroes take nothing. Heck, I have lv27 queen going to 28 and it has been 3 months (a bit less actually) since I reached th9, and it could have taken me less if I were able to farm more on the initial lvls. Also an offtopic question, why do you keep your heroes on sleep mode?


  2. Do you mind I join your clan? It would be nice to see some attack replays. Using 4-finger seems to only get me 30-40% if they have walls surrounding all the buildings.


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