Boosted builders today since I have a full DE tank and a long time before my RC completes.

Instead of upgrading RC again, I chose to spend my DE to upgrade AQ. I did this because it is more worth it to skip a 5.6 day wait from AQ than to skip a 4.8 day wait by upgrading RC. Using this book allowed me to collect 3 more BoH as I outlined yesterday which will all be used after I get my Dec season bank rewards in less than 2 days.

3 BoH

Now that my RC is awake, I need to farm another 110k DE to upgrade her again. Time to boost.

Used a hero potion here so that I could use a lvl16 RC and see how strong she is.

Need to farm 112k DE for her next level

Attack log with RC:

RC is pretty amazing in raids. I don’t have videos but I can see how many miners I have left over when I use her in my raids. I can’t wait to max her and use her in every single raid. This means it is actually worth it to rush to TH13 because you don’t need many TH12 upgrades as a maxed RC is much cheaper and easier to do. Verdict: rush to TH13

And after the farming session, with much regret, I must now upgrade RC again. It was great using her and I hope to max her out soon. 8 weeks to go!

Elixir storage prepared for my next lab upgrade.


  1. Hi, a couple questions:
    1. Do you consider rc better or worse than aq?
    2. Which are the minimum requirements to go to th13? Do you reccomend to get warden lv40 similarly to how it is recommanable to max th11 warden before going up to th12? Or you only need basic offense such as camps?


    • From a fellow follower of Sin, but not him himself, I can give my experience:
      I’ve rushed according to Sin’s guide, started in August. I maxed my Queen just before the beginning of the December CWL.

      I went to TH13 on day 1 of release. I maxed AQ on day 1, but my Warden was only ~lv27 (perma sleep since hitting TH12). So, I’ve had my AQ available. RC went to sleep and has stayed asleep, and is lv12 now. Warden I got to lv34 (with a book for season bank loot to hit 35 just in time for CWL).

      Here’s my impressions from a mere mortal:
      It’s much harder to farm in TH13 than in TH12 with just Barch. Dead bases have evaporated, so I often spend 100k+ gold nexting. Mostly I’ve been hitting dead TH12s for ~400/400/4k. I’ve kept my RC permanently upgrading, but did it by the skin of my teeth, often only have ~11k or less to spare (or having her awake for the last few raids). I managed to out farm DE requirements once.

      Defensive losses have also been worse. Since I have to raid more, I break shield pretty much instantly. Unlike in TH12, where I would go 18+ hours (and often more like 30+ hours) without getting hit, I’m hit within 6-8 hours of breaking a shield. Instead of taking ~1 defense per day, I’m taking more like ~3. This is despite having a lv4 GI, lv4 EA, both scattershots available. The rest of my defenses are terrible though, so we’ll see.

      I just unlocked OTTO, so I’m starting to use him for cheap/fast upgrades, as it’s much more difficult for me to fill my storages in between upgrades.

      I’ve managed to do about ~25 lv14 walls in this time (I had ~200 lv13 walls done when TH13 dropped, but paused that upgrade to try to knock out all 100 lv14 walls first).

      I’ve recently shifted to QW Barch, though, and it seems significantly better. I unfortunately did not have time in TH12 to upgrade miners to lv6 (they’re still lv5), so I haven’t been able to pivot to miners like Sin did. I started the lv6 upgrade a few days ago, though, so I’ll be able to upgrade them soon enough.

      My opinion:
      I’d wait until you have at least Warden 40 (he’s good enough to sit at 40 for a while, due to poor growth, and he can help you farm initially), or AQ 60+, as I’ve found without my Queen I’d be boned.

      For reference, since hitting TH10, I average 300m/300m/2m resources per month. I *just barely* managed to hit those numbers this month, with the bulk of that coming Pre-TH13. For the first time since September, I didn’t top my clan’s sidekick loot charts (came in 2nd).


    • 1. RC is about on par on AQ, can’t really tell if she’s better or worse
      2. I think basic offense is good enough, because TH13 doesn’t get any new warden levels so you can easily “catch up” on warden while working on RC and there’s no competing elixir requirements. Maxed TH12 offense buildings + probably 40/40/20 is good enough


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