Tiny is always a few days behind my main account as I cannot really spend too much time on this account. This means that these entries always feel like deja vu to write and read.

After maxing wb, I didn’t have enough elixir to start my next upgrade so I’m fortunate that I can upgrade lightning spell which is my cheapest lab item. I’d rather upgrading something useless than have it idle, so its fine.

I then used a research potion and started lightning spell lvl3 at night. When this picture was taken, there was only 1 day to season bank payout so I just need this upgrade to bridge the gap between season bank and my next lab upgrade. I will really need to use barch afterwards otherwise elixir is really an issue in this account. Profit margins are razor thin with miners and I can easily go negative in elixir if I’m not careful or if I fail attacks.

Started a really cheap bomb upgrade so that I have a builder free for season bank payout. Afterwards, you’ll see me epic fail on tomorrow’s post when I forget to account for certain upgrades in both main and this account.

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