First thing I did with my season bank loot was to spend it on AQ. I didn’t get the 10% discount because I was busy on my main account, the curse of being a mini. With AQ maxed, I can now put my DE in RC and BK until they are both maxed.

I then made the mistake of spending gold on walls before upgrading my scattershot. I figured that my gold will overflow if I didn’t use it to upgrade some walls, but then I realized that my giga inferno would complete in another 2 hours and I didn’t have the gold to upgrade my giga inferno again.

Cursing, I drained all my gold before using a rune of gold to upgrade my giga inferno.

I just need another 2 weeks before my giga inferno is maxed so hopefully I can can stop TH11 attacks after it is maxed. I plan to just use a hammer or book to instantly complete lvl5 giga inferno.

I have a ton of excess elixir which I want to spend tomorrow. Lightning spell lvl3 going to complete in 12 hours and I want to start electro drag afterwards. The remaining elixir will be used for GW lvl45 which increases his regen time.

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