With enough DE to upgrade RC, I decided to gem her since I still needed to wait 3 days to spend my DE.

Completed warden lvl46

Spent all my elixir and a book to upgrade my warden. Having him is pretty much essential for TH13 so I decided not to keep him upgraded anymore and just spend books to skip his upgrade time. I’m actually playing around with warden walk right now so if you can get a lvl40 warden, you should be good for farming. With that, you can keep 3 dark heroes upgrading and use warden walk + barch to farm. Farming enough DE to do that will be a struggle though.

RC is going to lvl14 right now and I plan to max her out before the next CWL season. I will need to use 2 books to make that happen and with warden using all my books, I might need to spend some gems here.

Due to my poor planning, I will have no free builders for the next 5 days! Fortunately, this picture was taken right before my orientation to my new work so I will have plenty of time to farm enough loot to start the next round of buildings.

I plan to farm enough elixir and DE in the middle of the week and do the same stunt as this entry. I will gem RC, upgrade warden, book warden then upgrade RC. This will maximize my hero levels and minimize their total upgrade time.


  1. I followed your guide and now i am th12
    Army camp upto th11 one th10 level 255 space
    Heros 8/22/10
    Storages upto th10 only started upgrading them. heros are sleeping continously but i am thinking i should upgrade giga tesla for february cwl for this i have to engage all my builders in gold storage and giga tesla


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