I apologize for the long delay between posts, I have been extremely busy this past week settling down in my new workplace and the long orientation sessions. After this week, I should be able to settle down to a regular work hour and post regularly. I will try to make at least one post per day this week.

Since I farmed enough elixir and DE, I gemmed my RC completion time.

I first spent all my gold on walls then all my elixir on warden. Using a book to skip this upgrade time so that I can use him in my attacks. He’s now lvl47 and nearly maxed.

RC is going to lvl15 now and she’ll be maxed in around 6 weeks. I will gem a few levels so that I can finish her soon. After she’s maxed, I can use whatever elixir army I like to finish my remaining walls

Next day:

Because I had the extra time, I actually managed to farm my storages till full in about 36 hours so I can pull off this stunt again.

I got all my books from last season’s promo which sold 2 books for a pretty low price. This allowed me to store 3 BoH and 2 book of everything which I am now using to complete my warden ASAP. Given the important of the warden and no gain from lvl41-50, I think you can easily use 10 books and max him out in 3-4 months time without ever sacrificing him. This is the problem with the warden, he’s too over-centralizing and he basically the only growth you gain from TH10-TH12. Take out the warden and you’re basically as weak as a TH10.

RC going to lvl16 now. She’s quite good and worth rushing for. My entire impression for TH13 will be for another post later, which is why I haven’t written any pre-TH13 checklist. Basically, TH13 is good to rush to because TH12 is absolutely terrible in terms of rushing. With the new scattershot and RC, its actually good to overstay in TH11 a little bit so that you can skip most of TH12.

I’m still using the crow’s base because I cannot find a decent TH13 ring base to use for low leagues. Most people build bases with exposed storages and that’s terrible here because people just snipe the storages and leave. This causes great losses which is worse than getting 100% and losing 550/550k just once.

Masters is good to farm because of these idiots, that’s why can see me farming a ton of loot just by dropping a few barbs and/or AQ.

In terms of builder planning, this is simply atrocious because I need to farm a ton of loot in a short amount of time. Not to mention 2 upgrades completing at the exact same time. Luckily this problem isn’t too bad because technically I am still slightly rushed with some cheap defenses to upgrade.

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