Having cheap upgrades is good for one thing. Sometimes the season pass asks you to start multiple upgrades which can be pretty annoying for a maxer. (It is very annoying for my main account) But with this account, I can do this, cancel and gain the necessary points.

Normally, doing this is not entirely worth it for just some points. However, in my case this extra 100 points was enough to get a 20% builder discount which can reduce the time cost for upgrades quite significantly which is why I did it. Please ensure that you will gain more by doing this stunt so that you don’t waste gold unnecessarily.

I used a book to awaken my RC so that I could use her for my CWL attack. It was worth it though because I managed to score a 3 star!

I started my first barracks upgrade to max so that I can upgrade and use yeti in the next CWL season. So far they’ve been quite reliable on my main account except that I need 10min to train each yeti. The meta at lower leagues have not caught up to yetis yet so they’re quite good in CWL right now.

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