Managed to spend a book of building here by upgrading a scattershot. Book of building is much easier to use on this account because I have so many low level stuff which don’t cost my entire gold storage. This is seriously a major advantage for this account.

I’m actually only about 6 months to maxed TH13 and I only need to farm 3mil gold/day to max out in that time. Main account who has played for much longer needs another 2.5 months, but I need to farm 6mil/day on average to max out! Just see the huge disparity there. I just need to make sure I upgrade cheap and expensive stuff evenly on this account to ensure that I don’t have sudden spike in my loot requirement.

And again, I performed this crazy stunt to squeeze out another warden level so that I can keep him awake and use him for my barch attacks while keeping warden constantly upgrading. I’m really unsure how to recommend rushing to newer players. On one hand, TH12 offers almost nothing in terms of strength so rushing to TH13 early is a good idea; however currently TH13 loot is still quite poor compared to 11/12. This is why I’m finding it hard to suggest rushing early. If your goal is to farm easy, staying in TH11 for some time is a good idea for now to get x/50/20, but if your goal is to be good in CWL, rushing to TH13 early is a much better idea.

In a few months time when TH13 loot gets better, than it will be an easy suggestion for everyone to rush to TH13 earlier.

RC nearly maxed now. I’ll probably not gem her anymore except for lvl20, so her expected date of completion is 28th Jan, then I can use her fully for CWL in Feb.

Talking about CWL:

If anyone remembers from the last season, our team was almost relegated and barely got 6th place. This season, we managed to get 3rd place with just a few points behind the top contenders. We actually lost to the top 2 in the league and gained far more stars from battling. The reason why we lost is because of our weak mid-bottom. If the enemy had a strong top but weak middle/bottom, we generally would win because our mid-bottom was able to 3 star. However, if we were evenly matched in TH/strength then we would most likely lose because the mid-bottom was unable to 3 star. We would actually do far better if the middle was able to hit top bases for 2 stars while I dropped down to 3 star weak TH13/maxed TH12. However, I think we don’t have the coordination to do that as everyone is so busy with their lives.

We managed to score far better this season than last because we had 9 TH13 in total which allowed us to hit harder and defend better. We still have a few bases to work on and everyone needs to slight improvement in skill. Once that has happened, we might be able to get into masters in another 1-2 months. However, I think our time in Masters will be tough compared to C1.

I forgotten to take a picture of my personal placement in this season’s CWL. I only gotten 16/17 stars in each of my accounts, meaning 2-3 triples with the rest being 2 star. I was actually only placed at #7-8 in my clan as people were able to 3 star when we had a stronger middle than the enemy.

This is what my base looks like. Crows is pretty weak in defense for TH13 where everyone are better attackers and my defense is too strong for weaker players to attack. My defenses are also too strong that I cannot stay in C1/M3 as people keep trophy dropping. Having strong defenses hurts me more than it helps really. This is the paradox of progress

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