Now that I have all other heroes maxed or nearly done, its time to focus on my 4th strongest hero. SC is seriously trying to buff the BK because people are neglecting him because his 5 levels gain the most stats among all other heroes, but being just a beater isn’t special enough to make him superior to other heroes.

There was an event which gave a book of building for destroying some town halls. Since it was only a 3 day event, I must use the book before it expires. Using a book on a barracks wasn’t ideal, but it was probably the only option I had unless I wanted to do some traps. At least now I unlocked yetis on this account and can start upgrading them for the next CWL.

1 day to the next RC upgrade and I need to farm another 50k DE for her. She will soon be maxed and I can use any army I like afterwards. Barch is still superior but with less time to play and next, I will probably change to an inefficient electro or bowler army to get the most resources.


  1. Hello! When do you believe dead bases will be more common for TH 13? I sure miss them 😢 Also if you barch and don’t find a collector raid, what do you go for?


    • Many morons have exposed storages which I just barch/trophy drop for easy loot. Its kinda hard right now and I’m basically using super queen to take down half the base before using barch to clean up all the loot.


  2. Hi sin,
    I have read your comments in last 4 years and they are really informative.
    Just want to mention after introducing new legend league it’s the best and most efficient place for de farming.
    You have 8 attacks without clouds or next.
    You gain 9k de from each attack do it’s 72k daily de
    If you add de from drills it will be 80k daily.
    None can steal your loot in legends.


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