Bought a BoH because I want to use it today.

Bought a hammer using the medals I won this month to upgrade loons to max. Currently almost all of my previously maxed TH12 troops and now nearly maxed TH13. I still have wizards, giants, baby drags, lightning, clone, minions, valks, golems and lava hounds underleveled. Having a ton of low level troops doesn’t impact me much at all, because I have 3-4 armies maxed for use.

This is the stupidity of maxers, they think that having 20 low level troops are better than having 2-3 maxed troops. Try bringing a TH10 with maxed lab vs a rushed TH13 with only 3 maxed troops, who wins? It isn’t even a contest. You cannot bring all your maxed troops so having that many maxed is useless! If your maxed troops are not suitable against your “mirror”, you should get someone else to attack that base so that you can either hit up or down. In fact, as a rushed TH11/12, its far better to learn how to 2 star maxed TH13 so that your team’s TH13 can hit down for easy 3 stars.

Our clan currently doesn’t do that because we are pretty casual and its quite hard to coordinate such things.

Upgraded yeti because they’re still pretty strong despite the small “nerf”. I only have one barracks that can train yeti so I need to get that sorted before I can use them regularly. I’m looking forward to using them and having all 4 barracks usable for other troops.

Gemmed RC because I was impatient and had the loot ready to upgrade her again.

Used the BoH I bought plus a rune of DE today to skip an entire level of RC. Now, she’s going to lvl19 and soon to be maxed in 6 days! After she’s maxed, I only have 3 levels of BK to go. As with my main account, once heroes are maxed I might use casual chill armies for farming.

Main is using bowitch in titans and the loot cannot compare with QW barch in masters at all. This alone might prevent me from doing chill titan farming on this account as my walls are way behind compared to main account.

With so much demand for doing a barch +/- QW guide, I will probably stay in lower leagues to record attacks before I ever do chill titan/legends farming on this account.

ETA: 1-2 weeks for the guide, I think I have time over this weekend.

This base is much better for defense, but DE loss is still quite significant. At least I’m not easily three starred on defense unlike The Crows at TH13. Protecting loot is basically impossible in this game so the goal is to minimize losses.

BK currently going to lvl66 right now, I just need another 880k DE to max my BK. I have so many short upgrades which is terrifying. I will need to put in some longer upgrades in between these shorter ones so that I don’t need to farm so much per day.

Work has been OK so far and I can easily do 7-12 raids/day which is more than enough to keep all builders busy.

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