Used a hammer to skip my most expensive upgrade. Inferno tower is probably the strongest upgrade in TH13 with nearly 15% increase in dps. However, it is still quite unnoticeable because most troops just shrug it off. Scattershot on the other hand is quite hard to ignore though you can rush through it quite easily with rage and freezes.

Seriously, the way this game is made, by how we attack, defend and how stars are scored, you need at least 30-40% increases to notice improvements. The way things grow, you actually cannot feel the increase from TH11-13 most of the time.

4 more levels to go! After starting this upgrade, I only need to spend another 650k DE to max him out. I probably can finish him with the 250k reward from the season bank.

Using the same base as main and this account is much further to max. Since I rushed to TH13 with mid TH11-12 defenses, I still have 6 months to go before I’m maxed. Given that, I would actually max out the game in 21 months and not the 22 months I estimated.

I doing much more shorter upgrades on this account because I can do it. Lower level stuff also gain more benefit than working on inefficient TH13 stuff. Gold and time cost for TH12-13 upgrades increase, but their efficacy doesn’t increase at all. In fact for most defenses, TH8-9 is where the dps:time and dps:gold caps out and it plateaus after that. See how TH9 stuff gain 9 dps per level, and yet I’m still getting 9 dps in TH13! Crazy.

My walls are much further to max compared to main, but I think I can max it out by the end of this month if I can continue to use barch.

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  1. Hi, thank you so much for your guides. I have some questions. How many accounts do you have? I only found sinofdusk and tinysin but I can’t find minisin. How much you have spended on tinysin? How many attacks do you do in one day on both accounts.


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