Finally, after a lot of hard work and farming, I have farmed enough to max out RC. It takes 90 days to max her out normally and 72 days with gold pass discount. This picture was taken less than 50 days into TH13 so

However, RC is only good for power and absolutely trash for farming. She does not attack collectors nor storages and only attacks defense. With barch or miners, she will not help out much in your attacks. Currently, I use her to suicide against deep ADs so that my QW can go further. I would say unless you really love CWL, rushing to max her is not really worth it. Even a maxed RC is not going to help you instantly 3 star a TH12 because of how weak TH13 is.

She’s only good for my main account currently who is using bowitch and pekka/yeti smash for attacks. And despite that, she is not game changing at all compared to the warden. I would say she’s weaker than the AQ unfortunately so in terms of hero strength, Warden > Queen > Champ > BK.

Her seeking shield (SS) was “soft-nerfed” when SC increased the hp of cannons by 10. This change made her unable to one-shot maxed cannons with her ability. This brings me to my previous point of break-points and SC is fully aware of how her ability is used. If the SS cannot destroy a defense, it means that it has dealt a total of 0 damage. Defenses deal full damage whether they have 1 hp or 2000 hp, so if you don’t destroy it, it is still at full power and its as if you did nothing to the defense.

I must commend how SC changed this though, in the past SC would just nerf the damage of the seeking shield instead. This was how they nerfed the wall wrecker and stone slammer. If something is OP, they should buff higher level defenses/walls instead of nerfing stuff. This would at least make higher levels stronger compared to lower levels.

RC maxed!

I was quite pleased when I saw how much cannons can improve. See how much it can improve? Then I realized that I had TH11 cannons and maxed TH13 cannons are only 18% stronger than maxed TH13. That’s absolutely deplorable and disgusting.


  1. Hi Sin, thanks for all your guides and the mathematical approach your taking to the game.

    I have a question right now on how to use medals/gems.

    My heroes are 70/70/50/20.
    I have th13 gigainferno , eagle, xbow, it and both scatters maxed. rest th8-9
    i have edrags, loon, hound, miners, healers, heal, rage, maxed. rest th8-9.

    My main focus is competitive play, CWL, legends, wars, etc. Im attacking right now with QC+miners.

    Given the fact that 120 medals = 4 builders potions = 4*9*6 = 216 hours, a hammer of building is way better for any upgrade above 9 days after pass discount.

    Should I focus on defence (buying BoB with gems and HoB with medals), or should I focus on offence (BoF with gems and HoF with medals).

    Alternatively, I can save all my gems for future game updates to buy BoH since HoH is a total scam. And just use medals for progress…

    Thank you again!


    • I would say some hammer of fighting first to max out a few more troops. Its good to have a little variety, you’ll want at least 2-3 good armies to use.

      While doing that, start upgrading defenses directly to TH12 level before using hammer/book to max it out. Instead of trying to upgrade all defenses evenly (all to TH10 > all to TH11 etc), upgrade just one WT/AT/tesla to TH12 level, use a hammer/book to bring it to TH13 level. That way you can maximize magic item usage and max out faster.

      Save up gems and just use free BoB/BoF and hammers. If SC increases the cap for heroes by 5, you’ll have enough gems to complete all of them in short time with your saved up gems


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