This account still has almost 6 months of upgrades to go before I’m maxed, but I’m almost at the same point as my main account with walls and heroes nearly maxed. I still have about 15 walls to go then I can do whatever I want with my elixir and DE.

Upgrades going smoothly on this account but I can feel that it is so much slower than main account because I didn’t use as many builder potions as main. I’m still working on my final gold storage and still have one more barracks to upgrade, unlike main which has completed all elixir upgrades.

I’m still doing really well in the TH13 front. For the really active player, you can finish everything important in less than 2 months. That may be the basis for my pre-TH13 checklist which I’m working on right now.


  1. What exactly is your QW barch army like spells and troops. Do you still aim for collectors or do you aim for storages like DE specifically? I have only been using barch alone.


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