TH11 guide has been updated, please do read it if you are interested.

TH11 upgrade priority guide

At this point of time, I changed my final hero upgrading strategy. I chose to keep BK awake and just book his final level as soon as I get the DE. I plan to spend season bank loot wisely along with the books from SC’s sale to instantly max him out. At TH13, since there are so few hero levels, I think you can just use books to max out your heroes. You got such a huge advantage by rushing so now you can just book your hero levels. I recommend upgrading warden to lvl40 manually and RC to lvl20 manually, AQ should be booked and BK can be upgraded whenever you like.

BK lvl69 and he will be maxed really soon. No picture of my base since I forgotten.

These offers are actually pretty good. The BoH, BoE and 3 book packs are all good. Sorry for not making a post about these, but I was quite busy.

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