Got the 25mil/25mil so I need to spend the gold. This amount of loot is now a little lacking compared to TH12, maybe we should allow higher TH levels to get more per season pass, that would encourage more rushing right?

Hammer to xbow first and now all 4 of my xbows are maxed. +20 dps may seem good, but its sub-linear growth compared to the previous levels. Lvl5 gained +30 dps which was 31.6%, lvl6 gained +30 dps again which was 24%. If TH13 actually has growth, it should gain at least +30 dps which would be 19% increase but that wouldn’t be enough. A proper increase would be another +25% which would give it 195 dps. Even that wouldn’t stop TH12 from attacking us but at least its something.

And teslas are absolutely pathetic as well.

I’ve actually written a post about the hidden tesla before, please read it:

Hidden tesla

It needs an update to reflect TH13 changes so I’ll try to get to it.

Third defensive improvement today, which seems like the weakest of them all. +5%? Give me a break. I’m only upgrade these defenses just for decoration, I know most of them do nothing.

No picture of my base because I forgotten.

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