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New army training time

Since my post in the SC forums got ungraciously merged and lost in the huge thread, I’ll post what I wrote here. Original post: After reading the sneak peaks, I thought that storage raids will become faster to train and might reach the level of collector farming. Hypothesis: storage raiding armies will train faster after this update Watching this […]

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TH10 attack log (21/9/2016)

This is my attack log for my TH10 account today Few raids using multiple zap spells, but quite worth it by exchanging elixir for DE. Unlike other comps, I’ve saved much more elixir with cheap troops such that my profit margin still maintains despite using all spells. The problem with expensive troops is that, without heroes or spells, they’re barely […]

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Journal (TH9 day 53)

Forgotten to upgrade collectors yesterday evening (working on 12hr collectors) so now I’m just upgrading them. DE is a good position, aimed 110k and I got 122k. AQ only costs 80k this level, so I’ll have 42k leftover. BK is only 60k the next level so I’ll easily afford it since I have 2 days to farm for that 18k. […]

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My thoughts on the update

Having tried the new update for a few days, I’ll now comment on what I think about it. The meta before this update consisted of mainly 2 attacks: mass bowlers and mass miners with some variation on deployment, QW, spell choice etc. Before we begin, non-TH11 folks need to know that QW was already inferior to bowler walk and straight […]

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Journal (Day 26)

Another day has passed and I’m casually doing around 5-7 walls per day. Its a good idea to keep farming all the time so that whenever a builder comes free I can dump all my gold. This is done so I don’t leave my walls till the end like most players do. As for loot, I can vouch that barch […]

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Advantages of Rushing

Here’s a topic people rarely go into, because people always assume that maxing is the best way. But how do you explain my TH11 with almost everything maxed, which is less than 2 years old compared to a person who reached the same play I did playing almost 3.5 years, it makes no sense. Its because I rushed with no […]