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TH9 guide (mid)

This guide is outdated, please refer to the updated TH9 guide -Ignore all these, just keeping it for archive purposes- This is the most relaxing phase of being a TH9, assuming you never maxed previous THs. Remember that I said don’t bother with collectors previously? Actually, I’m not sure if I said that before but now its time to catch […]

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Journal (TH9 day 106)

Notice something different about my base? Here it is: In preparation of TH10, I’m going to keep my BK awake for the initial phase of the transition. Lvl20, not bad right? Going to have some fun using him for this part of TH9, where he’s still strong. This means that my DE is going to invariably overflow as I keep […]

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Journal (TH9 day 105)

Just started another level of collector and dumped the rest of the loot into walls. I’m about 40% completed with my wall grind in TH9, just casually dumping loot whenever I can. This is how I recommend people to do walls, just dump loot in between builders and farm more than you need. Doing it this way, I can easily […]