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SinOfDusk day 25 of TH13

Saw this offer from the trader and decided to buy it, it would save me around 200-300 gems this way. I gemmed by RC first because it would only cost 387 gems, using a BoH here would be dumb and a waste of gems. RC going to lvl15 and now she can destroy a more defenses when she using her […]

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Day 457, RC is quite amazing

Boosted builders today since I have a full DE tank and a long time before my RC completes. Instead of upgrading RC again, I chose to spend my DE to upgrade AQ. I did this because it is more worth it to skip a 5.6 day wait from AQ than to skip a 4.8 day wait by upgrading RC. Using […]

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Day 454, RC halfway done?

Now that my RC is lvl10 and upgrading to lvl11, can I consider her to be halfway done? Hell no, lvl11-20 costs 4 times more than lvl1-10 so I wouldn’t consider myself halfway done. Yet many low levels seem to think that having a lvl35 BK/AQ is halfway done, when in reality lvl45-50 is closer to the midpoint. Got downvoted […]

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SinOfDusk day 19 of TH13

Warden going to lvl45 now. I’m only one month away from maxed warden, if I don’t use gems. However, I will definitely start using gems from this week onward so I expect to max him out around new year time. It will only take 60mil elixir to max him and the 25mil from season bank will drop it to 35mil. […]

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Day 452, being a filthy p2w

Bought the $10 pack on this account as well. Sc’s book timing cannot be more perfect than this. I got a free book from the trader and now I have a second book for the season bank next week. I upgraded the eagle because I gains 12.5% more strength. It could be much better but that would make th13 offense […]

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Day 445, using the free BoH

Just like my main account, I am using my free book on AQ. I also have an extra book so I need to use it before I can claim my free book. Some low levels are complaining that they have maxed their heroes and cannot use the free book. To that I’ll just say, “if you’re not TH13, you don’t […]

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SinOfDusk day 10 of TH13

Gemmed lvl68 AQ. Two levels from maxed is the same as maxed for me. Upgraded to lvl69 and used a book here to complete the upgrade. After 5 levels of AQ, she has gained 8% in both hp and dps, while gaining about 5% power in her ability. This improvement is really sad, no wonder pre-TH13 teaser videos showed TH12 […]

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SinOfDusk Day 3 of TH13

Only 3 pictures today because there was only one upgrade done today. The first week of TH13 is very straightforward because there are 5 week-long upgrades while only one short upgrade sequence. Basically, TH13 is: RC > RC > RC > max Clan castle Siege workshop Lab DE storage Scattershot I just used a book to skip the siege workshop […]

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SinOfDusk Day 1 of TH13

I was very unfortunate that TH13 arrived during my doctor’s appointment and I couldn’t jump straight into it. I also didn’t check reddit or anything so I didn’t know the update dropped until 1 hour afterwards! Nonetheless, I tried my best to download the update (130+ mb) with my super slow data connection in an old building probably made of […]

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TH13: Introducing the Giga inferno

If you haven’t seen it yet, please to watch the text and video in the Supercell forum: The first thing I must address is the poorly worded sentence: “In order to upgrade to Town Hall 13, you will have needed to fully upgrade your Town Hall 12 – including the Giga Tesla”. Darian has since clarified that the only […]