Since my post in the SC forums got ungraciously merged and lost in the huge thread, I’ll post what I wrote here.

Original post:

After reading the sneak peaks, I thought that storage raids will become faster to train and might reach the level of collector farming.

Hypothesis: storage raiding armies will train faster after this update

Watching this vid:
Ash shows the training times of various troops in the new system, do take note that your entire army is now within one queue and not 4 or 6 queues. Knowing that, we want to know whether this will help out in storage raids.

All times in terms of seconds

Troop Old training time New training time Old effective training time
Barb 20 5 5
Arch 25 6 6.25
Gob 30 not shown 7.5
Giant 120 30 30
WB 60 15 15
Wiz 300 30 75
Drag 900 180 225
Baby 600 90 150
Loon 300 30 75
Healer 600 120 150
Pekka 900 180 225
Miner 300 30 75
Hog 120 45 60
Minion 45 18 22.5
Valk 300 90 150
Golem 900 300 450
Witch 600 180 300
Hound 900 300 450
Bowler 300 60 150

Old effective training time is taking time/4 for elixir troops and time/2 for DE troops
Please point out any mistakes I might’ve made

1. No change in speed in terms of cheaper troops.
2. The most change occurs in medium sized troops (loons,wiz,valk,hog,miner,bowler)
3. Overall, storage raiding may become faster especially the ability to train 2 full armies to use when you log off.

We need to calculate the impact of the new changes, because it contracts all 6 barracks into a single queue. If you farmed previously using barch/bam/goblins/gibarch, then there will be almost no change in terms of farming speed. However, it might be good to note that bam will lose out to barch now.

Army: (240 troops) 80 barb, 120 arch, 20 minions
Old training = 20 barb, 30 arch, 10 minions per barracks
Since t(10minions) < t(20 barb + 30 arch), barb+arch is the limiting factor, t(minions) neglected.
Total training time = 20*20 + 30*25 = 1150sec ~= 19minutes

New training = 80 barb, 120 arch, 20 minions
Total training time = 80*5 + 120*6 + 20*18 = 1480sec = 24.67minutes

New training = 100 barb, 140 arch
Total training time = 100*5 + 140*6 = 1340sec = 22.33minutes

As you can see, bam has lost its advantage as the fastest farming army. Minions, besides using in air raids will not be used much in conjunction with barch anymore (6-10 to help snipe buildings may still be good for the cost in terms of time)

Besides barch/bam, we should also evaluate the impact on other armies, in terms of time/unit space:
Arch – 6sec (500 elixir/space)
Wiz – 30/4 = 7.5sec (1125 elixir per space, assuming new wiz costs 4500 elixir per unit)
So with this new change, besides the cost of wiz there is almost no reason to train archers anymore.

What about armies which people used all barracks to speed up? A simple army is as shown,
GiVa: (240 space) 16 giants, 4 wb, 8 valks, 88 arch
Old training time – I’ll spare the trouble, 4 valks will be the one you’re waiting for = 20 minutes

New training = 16*30 + 4*15 + 88*6 + 8*90 = 1788sec ~= 30 minutes

As seen in this comparison, using all 6 barracks isn’t a good idea anymore. We can’t draw any conclusions just yet, let’s try another army comp
Mass bowlers: (240 space) 6 healers, 28 bowlers, 6 wb, 2 minions
Old training time – You’ll be waiting for the 14 bowlers and 1 minion = 71minutes

New training time = 6*120 + 28*60 + 6*15 + 2*18 ~= 42 minutes

So I guess this trains faster, because I was mainly using only dark barracks in this army comp and the new system allows utilization of the wasted training opportunity. The best example of a fast training storage army is:
Mass miners: (240 space) 48 miners
Old training time – waiting for 12 miners per barracks = 60 minutes

New training time = 48*30 = 24minutes

Conclusion: Hypothesis cannot be confirmed nor denied. It depends on the armies you were using previously, army comps that used to balance between all 6 barracks will fall out of favour and it is encouraged to use comps that used to rely heavily on elixir or dark barracks only. However, it is noted, unless stated otherwise, that heroes will not have their cooking/sleeping times cut short (spells become 3min for dark spells, 6min for elixir spells), so storage raiders might still need to wait on those limiting factors.

Please do point out any mistakes. Yes, I’m asian

1. Barch > bam now
2. Wiz > arch now
3. Don’t mix too much elixir and DE troops
4. Mass miners now trains almost as fast as barch (24min vs barch:21min)
5. Heroes don’t have cook/sleep times reduced, storage raiding may still be limited in this regards

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