Late by a day.

Have my elixir collector upgrading, so it is easy farming for me. I only need a small amount of loot to keep my builders going so that I can try out some fun armies. Loonion is ok-ish for me, but nothing spectacular. As usual, the best loot I gain are from dead bases so it makes using such a strong army quite pointless.


Boosted some barracks today:


Nothing really spectacular. This is the issue with boosted barracks for me, I get stressed out to find the best bases available and forget to have fun. I have a ton of fun barching and looking for those 300-400k bases. Once I boost, I must find a base within 5min and be back home for my next army. I can have a ton of fun barching 5-7 hours a day, but 1-2 hours of boost is really tiring for me.


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