Upgraded 3 lvl11 walls today.

With the new wall prices, I’m easily able to dump all my loot I acquired everyday. Doing walls never felt easier, and at this rate I’ll max my walls in less than 3 months.

Upgraded my barracks today, I want to max all my barracks for no reason other than OCD. Miners might, MIGHT be buffed in the far future so having them unlocked at least allows me the option to upgrade them when that occurs.

That also means that my army training dropped from 22min to 29min using barch + wiz, which is very sad.


Since I’m overflowing with DE and training times are so long now, I’m using an alternate army:


Adding 8 bowlers means that my army will take 25min to train with 4 barracks. With 3 barracks, it also takes 29min because bowlers are trained in dark barracks which aren’t affected by any barracks change.

My barracks will be down for 56 days, so I expect to get comfortable with this army. Good thing is, my AQ is also going to finish in less than 56 days so when I have maxed barracks I’ll also have a maxed AQ to use 🙂


    • Looking at your timestamp, you were trying to farm 12 hrs ago. Farming is all about catching the right timings everyday, so around 6-8 hrs ago, farming should have been good.

      Even now as I next using my mini, I can find quite a few dead bases


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