Upgraded 3 lvl10 walls and 3 lvl11 walls today (15mil combined resources)

Did some heavy farming yesterday and was able to dump all my loot into walls easily. Started the upgrade for my final gold mine to lvl11, and then I’ll have to upgrade them another round to lvl12 to be maxed.

Quite lazy to farm today with a capped DE storage, but my builders are quite rigid in what they want to upgrade and its not easy to squeeze double hero upgrades now. If only I have 6 builders, or 7.

1 builder on AQ

2 builders on gold mine, elixir pump

1 builder on barracks

Final builder on defenses as filler so that I can have a free builder every day.


Attack log:


Loot is quite well today, managing to get quite a decent amount with minimal costs. Going to try laloonion soon to shake things up since I don’t need the DE for heroes nor do I need the elixir for walls now.

Walls estimated to max in 3 months but I still have 11 months of TH10 content to go, so might as well slow down a little

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