Upgraded 2 lvl11 walls and 3 lvl10 walls today (12mil total resources)

Started the upgrade for a lvl7 archer tower. These things take 2 days and are good filler between upgrades. I have a builder coming free tomorrow, so using a 2 day upgrade I can have a free builder the day after that.

My semester will start on 1st Feb, so I might slow down on progress and maybe content. But I will definitely keep doing these blogs (maybe sometimes 2-3 days per entry like how it was a few months ago) as they give me enjoyment when playing the game.


Laloon is decent and definitely can keep builders busy, but don’t expect the same progress as simple barch. I’m sacrificing a lot of elixir and DE for these raids and my wall/hero progress will suffer.


I’ll probably use less hounds afterwards and try it out. That will reduce my DE costs so that I can get DE at a reasonable pace. Normally, I can easily gain 40-50k DE per day with barch, but this army just saps a lot of my income away

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