Upgraded 2 lvl10 walls and 3 lvl11 walls today (13mil total resources)

Took this picture before I dumped my loot into walls and upgraded my archer tower. This is the secret to doing many walls, you need to have cheap upgrades to do so that most of your loot can be channeled into walls. A typical TH10 requires 5-8mil resources every 2 days (expensive upgrades + long duration between upgrades), that means that the player can only dump 5-11mil resources every 2 days. Walls come in slow like that, compared to my 10mil resources every day. I used to do 24mil on walls every day when I was grinding my main, those were fun times.

Upgraded my last archer tower to lvl7 so they all are TH7 level now. Probably will not do them soon because 3 days isn’t that beneficial to me and I still can do other 3 day structures which give higher yield.

I made 420 attacks the last season. Not surprising since it was my holidays, it will settle back to 300 or less attacks during my semester.


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