How did you find yourself here? This guide is outdated, please read the new guide below:

BH2-4 guide

Here’s my current progress:


This base design is really good, copied it from my clan mate.

BH3 is the first step of the game in this builder base, as usual, here are some priority upgrades. Remember to read the tips first, importantly, do not build new defenses before you done most of the first and second priority upgrades. Do most if not all your loot raids before you build stuff, the exception here are the storages.

First priority:

  1. Barracks. Just getting giants then minions would allow you to crush most enemies easily. Don’t care too much about the ties, sooner or later you’ll face someone weaker and they’ll fail to get 3 stars.
  2. Gold and elixir storages lvl1 and lvl2. Spend all your initial gold here, doing so will allow your enemies to maintain their current strength and allow you to save for the next upgrade.
  3. Push traps, mines and spring traps. Place these well, make sure they activate as much as possible, because they are far stronger than most defenses at this level.
  4. Camp. Bringing 50% more troops than your enemy can is the greatest advantage you can get, upgrading troops do not give this much benefit but this one building can allow you to push to >1200 cups

Second priority:

  1. Gold mine and elixir pump to lvl3. Passive income, they will repay you relatively quickly.
  2. Lab. Surprising that lab is so far down, but you can survive with lvl4 barb, arch and lvl1 giants, minions. As long as you have camps done, you’ll do fine in terms of troops. I can have 2 lvl1 giants and 12 lvl4 archers and easily raze players who have 2 lvl2 giants and 6 lvl5 archers
  3. Now once you start having more structures, you can slowly place your walls. Aim for something like the base shown above, with funnels and traps so people cannot easily beat you using giants or giant/arch or giant/minions
  4. Tesla. This is the main defense you need to stop almost all air attacks, the surprise factor here

You do not need to upgrade any defense at all, save up that amount of gold and reach BH4 asap, there the game opens up and you’ll find yourself in a good position to bully BH3s in the MM.

Once you’re done with all these, you may want to clear out some of the trees and stones for extra space. Save up to around 150k before building all the following defenses in one go during your idle time

Third priority upgrades:

  1. Air defense + crusher

There, you’re done with BH3. Push to an adequate league during your idle time so that you can upgrade your BH in at most 1 day of raiding.

Duration: 2-4 days + 1 day for upgrade, depending on your heart, league and gems

Attack strategies

Since you undergo a few phases in BH3, here are some good strategies that you can learn to use.

  1. 4 (or 6) giants. Great on bases without a crusher, with 3 camps and no crusher on your base, your enemy will likely not have a crusher as well. You can easily get 3 stars on almost all bases without crushers
  2. 2 giants + 4 (or 8) minions. Great on early bases with only an archer tower and maybe a tesla.
  3. 2 giants + 12 archers. Good after you get your 3rd army camp so you can easily 3 star most BH3 bases you see. Find videos for this strategy, its the strongest BH3 strategy. Or should I make my own video?

That’s everything you need to know about BH3. My current base that I’m showing right now has spent around 120 gems so far to get 6 extra attacks, but my other accounts are only 1 day behind since I did some casual pushing and was smart with upgrade order.


  1. Great guide! Good to see that Supercell gives us the option to rush in the Builder Base too. Looking forward to you BH4 guide soon.


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