How did you find yourself here? This guide is outdated, please read the new guide below:

BH2-4 guide

After rushing here, you can start beating up BH3s with ease and not worry about losing. I rushed here and at 1000-1400 cups, won almost every match because I was matched against a BH3. It was really fun and here I’ll teach you what you need to build and upgrade.

Ideally, you have around 100+k elixir ready (even better, have 200k gold as well), but do not delay your BH upgrade because you don’t have the resources

First priority upgrades:

  1. Elixir storage. You will need this to be able to afford the new army camp (costs 250k)
  2. Army camp. Costs 350k, this will take 1-2 days to farm but well worth it. With this, you can easily 3 star almost any BH3 you see
  3. All new traps and walls. Particularly, build the mega mine and place them on the opposite side of base in relation to the crusher (crusher on one side of the base, mega mine on the other). Then watch as puny BH3s spam barbs and get blasted
  4. Gold/elixir collectors. The earlier you start this the more loot you gain over time.

Second priority upgrades:

  1. Guard post. This new defense is like a clan castle, with troops around the area. Build it and put it deep in the base to lure archers in.
  2. Barracks. You want to unlock baby drags asap because they are really strong.
  3. Star lab. No explanation needed, but quite low on the list for a lab. You really don’t need any BH4 troop upgrades because the extra camp will allow you to bully others easily. But you will need some upgrades when you are a new BH5
  4. Gold and elixir storage to max. Do note that they have 2 levels each. Time to save up gold and upgrade to BH5. It is actually optional to max out gold storage because you get another one in BH5. Why spend 300k elixir which can be better spent on troops, to gain +100k when you can spend only 100k elixir to +150k capacity.
  5. Air mines. Not really important but a must have to stop baby dragons.

Third priority upgrades:

  1. Clock tower level 2, gives 60% improvement. If you have spare gold upgrade this
  2. BH5. Start upgrading BH and reach BH5 asap.

Below was the base design I used during this phase, decently strong and does not give up much %



Depending on how strong your troops were in BH3, you have multiple choices here in BH4

  1. Mass barbs. If you had maxed barbs in BH3, continue the trend and max them here
  2. GiArch. Get them to lvl6 arch + lvl4 giants, use 4/12 or 2/18 depending on layout
  3. Mass arch. You can get >60% one star using this army, just max out archers. If you feel that upgrading multiple troops is wasting elixir, then just this is enough
  4. Baby drags. These are one of the strongest troops in the BB, max them out. They would serve you well until late BH5. I personally only get them to lvl3/4 on my accounts before going to BH5

Recommended time:

7-14 days. Enough time to build everything and upgrade a few key troops.

With the 2 day upgrade time, try to get as much elixir as you can. You want your battle machine asap, and that would allow you to roflstomp any BH4 you see.

Enjoy and hope you like reading these guides!


  1. Just got to bh4. Unlocking baby drags in a few hours. Will they be strongest right away? Troop levels are 6,6,4,4,1,1 and I have my 4th camp.

    In what is no surprise at all, I followed the first several steps of your guide without reading it. Our upgrade priorities align pretty well. 🙂


    • They won’t be the strongest, but will become the strongest in BH5. I recommend upgrading them, other armies aren’t doing me much favours at all. Even at BH6, the best army I’ve used is baby drags lvl12 and BM lvl5


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