I actually have this as a draft for 1-2 months now and never finished it because I kept trying to polish it. In light of the new update that will “bring a ton of balancing to TH10 and TH11”, here’s a wishlist of sorts that I have compiled.

There is a fundamental problem with the game right now, the problem is that TH10 and TH11 is not distinct from each other. They use the same troops, can get almost the same results in war, both can easily 2 star any maxed TH11 in the game and they can both stop maxed TH11 onslaught. This, I think, is a growing problem since the TH10s days where TH10 is too weak compared to TH9. I hope some of these suggestions will be implemented to divide and increase the gap between TH10 and TH11 so both levels are vastly different in terms of strength.

Why give a new upgrade if it only added a small amount of dps?

Archer tower
Old: lvl13 (TH10) 98dps > lvl14 (TH11) 110dps > lvl15 120dps
New: lvl13 100dps > lvl14 115dps > lvl15 135dps

Old: lvl13 (TH10) 110dps > lvl14 (TH11) 120dps > lvl15 130dps
New: lvl13 110dps > lvl14 125dps > lvl15 140dps

Old: lvl4 (TH10) 100dps > lvl5 (TH11) 110dps
New: lvl4 100dps > lvl5 140dps

Old: lvl8 (TH10) 99dps > lvl9 (TH11) 110dps
New: lvl8 100dps > lvl5 130dps

Air defense
Old: lvl8 (TH10) 320 dps > lvl9 (TH11) 360 dps
New: lvl8 350 dps > lvl9 420 dps
Requires hp boost as well so that TH9 cannot zapquake maxed ADs

WT and mortar deserves some love too:
WT – just need to buff up the final level
Old: lvl8 (TH10) 48 dps > lvl9 (TH11) 56 dps > lvl10 62 dps
New: lvl8 48 dps > lvl9 56 dps > lvl10 65 dps

Mortar – firing rate buffed, instead of firing once every 5 seconds; at lvl8 and above, it will fire every 2 seconds and have its AoE (the aoe of the bomb that drops) increased. This is an effective x2.5 dps for the last few levels of mortar and hope it brings back some threat that mortars have.

Small buffs to traps
Spring trap – lvl5 can spring 20 troop space instead of the useless 19
Otherwise all other traps will get a new level which gives +20% dmg compared to their old maxed level

Now here’s the kicker to “balance” engineered bases. Since most engineered bases skip infernos and eagle, having maxed point defenses instead, these defenses should be exceedingly overpowered so that lacking them makes you completely useless. Before you burn me for these changes, look at offense changes as well because these are meant to be overpowered.

Infernos (multi)
Old: lvl3 (TH10) 42dps, lvl4 (TH11) 50dps, lvl5 58dps
New: lvl3 42dps, lvl4 58dps and 6 targets, lvl5 80dps

Multi infernos are the bane of many troops but they themselves cannot easily deal with wardened-up troops so a buff is due so that troops cannot last very long under inferno fire.

Infernos (single)
Charge up buffed
Old: first 1.5 seconds same dps as multi, next 3 seconds x3 dps, afterwards x30 dps from initial
New: first 0.5s same dps as multi, next 1 second x5 dps, afterwards x30 dps from initial
Instead of taking 4.5s to charge up, it now only takes 1.5s to charge to max
Also, single target infernos will have favourite targets. It will always target the highest hp troop/hero within its aoe ensuring that it will never waste its time with weaklings.

This, compounded with the buffed initial dps, will make single infernos a formidable asset instead of being the laughing stock it is right now. Maxed infernos will blast up 2400 dps (means taking out a queen in less than 1s) with just 1.5s of charge up. Also, single target infernos should be buffed to even burn through warden’s tome so nothing is safe from inferno except

Eagle artillery
Shoots 3 volleys every 10 seconds
Old: lvl1 250 dmg per hit, lvl2 300 dmg per hit
New: lvl1 250 dmg per hit, lvl2 350 dmg per hit, lvl3 500 dmg per hit

Golem 3x damage is retained, so they cannot be spammed for easy 2 stars like how pre-Dec’15 days where 6-7 golem spam was the meta

Eagle also buffed so that they shoot immediately as soon as the troop space is reached. So no more, tzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt-pew-pew-pew. It will now be pew-pew-pew-tzzzzzzzzzt. The charge up (or recharge) will occur after it has fired off its first volley, so as soon as you drop 180 troop space, the eagle will immediately choose the most dangerous target and seek to annihilate it.

Also, eagle’s splash aoe is now increased so that everything within the hexagon gets hit by the same damage.

This means that every shot of the new maxed eagle can kill any level of old bowlers, can kill off healers and AQ easily.

Again, the gains of everything is far too low to be useful. As long as you have a lvl20 warden, you can have TH9 troops and still do well. To counter the defense buffs above, we need some serious overhaul for offense so that we can have an effective attack. Here are just some of my suggestions

The problem of TH11 is that the warden is too over-centralising and troop upgrades mean almost nothing. I plan to nerf warden a little bit so that you need multiple upgrades like troops and heroes together instead of relying entirely on the warden. The plus side is that not having a warden should feel like not having an Archer Queen instead of losing half your army.

Grand Warden
Current Life Aura effect: +50% hp or +270 hp whichever is lower
New Life Aura effect: +20% hp or +600 hp whichever is lower
Life Aura area of effect increased back to the old range of 9 tiles instead of the current 7
Also, the warden takes 50% less damage from Seeking Air mines so they no longer one shot him

This change makes it so that warden isn’t as strong when used with loons, bowlers, miners or barch and will strongly increase his effect on troops which have a much higher HP pool such as pekka, dragons and golems

Old Barbarians
Dps: lvl6 26 > lvl7 30
Hp: lvl6 110 > lvl7 125

New Barbarians
Dps: lvl6 26 > lvl7 32 > lvl8 (new for TH11) 40
Hp: lvl6 110 > lvl7 135 > lvl8 160

Old Archers
Dps: lvl6 22 > lvl7 25
Hp: lvl6 44 > lvl7 48

New Archers
Dps: lvl6 22 > lvl7 28 > lvl8 35
Hp: lvl6 44 > lvl7 48 > lvl8 52
Buffing dps of archers while their hp growth will continue to be horrendous.

Giants (hp)
Old: lvl6 940 > lvl7 1100 > lvl8 1260
New: lvl6 940 > lvl7 1250 > lvl8 1650
Massively increasing giant’s hp so that they can take the heat from 140 dps point defenses and barely able to survive the onslaught of maxed Eagle. Also, Giants from lvl7 onwards will gain +1 troop weight while still retaining their 5 troop space. This means that lvl7+ giants will need at least lvl4 spring trap (18 space) to bounce 3 giants. A lvl1 spring trap can only bounce 2 lvl7+ giants instead of 3.

Just needs a new level which adds +20% dps. With warden, he is a little too strong right now in busting TH11 bases

Wall breakers
They will alright for now, but I do hope that lvl6 and above gets +20% dps or so. This is done so that lvl6 wb can break TH9 walls easily and lvl7 wb can break TH10 walls easily

Lvl7 will be dropped to TH10 so that they can be used. With much stronger air defenses, they should balance out. New lvl8 rolled out for TH11 to face even stronger air defenses

Lvl7: 198 dps, 720 hp (buffed from 690)
Lvl8: 270 dps, 900 hp

The wizard is a cool troop but he is severely punished my successive linear upgrades which do nothing for him. His level 5 upgrade is his best and it is unlocked at TH8, after that he plateaus really hard and is barely usable in the current metagame. He gains 36% dps at lvl5 compared to lvl4 and barely gains 10% each level after that which is ludicrous.

His problem right now is that he fills the exact same niche as bowlers and bowlers can definitely do the job better than him which makes him obsolete.

His charge up time will be reduced so that he fires off his first shot much quicker than before.
Hp will remain unchanged to fit him as a glass cannon

Old dps: lvl6 (TH9) 185 > lvl7 (TH10) 200 > lvl8 (TH11) 220
New dps: lvl6 185 > lvl7 240 > lvl8 300
Also, each successive hit targeting the same structure from wizards will increase his dmg by 50%. This means that he is the ultimate single target damage dealer in the game and hits harder and harder until his target is destroyed. This ability is only activated above lvl7 so TH9 and below do not gain this enhanced effect.

I hope that this makes him distinct compared to bowlers and they will be changed as well, don’t worry. Bowlers are also too over-centralising so he will need to be adjusted.

At her current form, I think she is just fine. But with the new dps of TH11, I think there needs to be slight tweaks to her stats at level 5.

Healing power (old): lvl5 90
Healing power (new): lvl5 110
Level 4 only has 71 heal per second, this means that the new level 5 will be a 54% improvement over the old lvl4 healers!

Old healing power (4 healers on AQ): (2*90 + 2*90*0.9)/2 = 171 hps vs 120 dps AT
New healing power (4 healers on AQ): (2*110 + 2*110*0.9)/2 = 209 hps vs 135 dps AT

The ratio of healing vs AT still remains about the same. The reason of buffing healers is just to keep in pace with the defensive buffs

Dragons are another troop which suffers greatly from linear growth. Despite the recent buffs SC gave dragons, it is still quite underpowered though solid to use for a simple two star. Frankly, I don’t know how to buff him further to make him better than a glorified minion, without breaking the game.

My only suggestion is to buff the stats of lvl5,6 dragons so that they can stand their own ground.
Maybe level 5 will have 3000 hp (from 2900) and 250 dps (from 240), and lvl6 will have 3400 hp (from 3200) and 290 dps (from 270)

This troop needs some serious rework to make it relevant and the first order of business is to give it the same buff as valks and loons did. Its first attack will become immediate instead of taking a long time to charge.
For lvl5 and above PEKKA (TH10+), she gains a new ability: Berserk
As the PEKKA loses hp, she loses some of her armour and deals more and more dmg. Right now, she has a constant 1.8s attack speed (1.8s per attack) and 16 movement speed (goblins are 32)

At 70% hp, PEKKA attack speed increased to 1.5s, mspd 20. Dps increased by 20%
At 50% hp, PEKKA attack speed increased to 1.3s, mspd 24. Dps increased by 50%
At 20% hp, PEKKA attack speed increased to 1s, mspd 28. Dps increased by 100%

If the animators have some way to animate her to have lighter and less armour as the fight drags on, that would be perfect.

Her crippling weakness to skeleton traps will still maintain though, so you need other troops to cover for that weakness. Also, with increasing movement speed, you cannot use her to walk one side of the base with bowlers tagging behind anymore as she will move faster and push ahead.

Baby dragons
The embarrassing thing about being a TH11 right now is that a TH9 can easily spam baby drags and get one star from you without trouble. I hope that the buffs to defense will make TH9 baby dragons (lvl2) too weak to punch TH11 bases. But with the buffs mean that TH11 needs stronger baby dragons

Old lvl5 baby dragons: 110 dps, 1600 hp
New lvl5 baby dragons: 125 dps, 1800 hp

Ah, this troop’s fall from grace, from being the best troop ever to being the worst troop within a single day. SC stacked 3-5 different nerfs on miners in one single patch, dooming his existence. This TH10+ troop is now not worth upgrading for most players as they don’t fill any unique niche.

The first order of business is to undo one of the nerfs he received in Oct’16: he will now immediately attack as soon as he pops out of the ground instead of having a small 0.5s pause. This was the most significant nerf towards miners which was not a bug fix, with this fixed, miners have a chance to go back to their glory days.

Old Miners
Dps: lvl3 (TH10) 96 > lvl4 (TH11) 104 > lvl5 112
Hp: lvl3 670 > lvl4 730 > lvl5 800

New Miners
Dps: lvl3 96 > lvl4 108 > lvl5 120
Hp: lvl3 680 > lvl4 750 > lvl5 850

I hope that miners can retain their best usage, which was to mindlessly dip against lower level TH. A TH10 with lvl3 miners should faceroll a maxed TH9 without even batting an eye or using more than 2 heal spells. Likewise, a TH11 should not need more than 3 spells to faceroll a maxed TH10.

Not much changes needed here, just a support troop and always has been. Just a slight buff to dps like archers so that they can chew through buildings a little faster.

Hog rider
Another troop that fell from grace, they simply do not pack enough punch to deal with maxed TH10/11 defense and definitely not enough fat to take hits from infernos. Their upgrades are actually better than wizards or pekka which were linear, but their gains aren’t enough to take the heat. If only their stats increased as much as their cost when leveling up, lvl5 costs 65 DE whereas lvl7 costs 115.

Old Hog Riders
Dps: lvl5 (TH9) 105 > lvl6 (TH10) 118 > lvl7 (TH11) 135
Hp: lvl5 480 > lvl6 590 > lvl7 700

New Hog Riders
Dps: lvl5 105 > lvl6 125 > lvl7 155
Hp: lvl5 480 > lvl6 650 > lvl7 850

Actually one of the better balanced troops, her hp and dps needs to be increased in tandem with TH11 buffs. Lvl6 gains far too little stats compared to earlier levels and that is the only thing that needs to be fixed. I hope that the buffed up warden range will help him catch up to the crowd and not fall behind.

Old lvl6 Valks: 163 dps, 1200 hp
New lvl6 valks: 175 dps, 1350 hp

Also, valks have their weight increased as well just like giants. So at lvl5 onwards, she will weigh 9 troop space so it requires at least lvl4 spring trap to bounce 2 valks instead of lvl2 spring trap.

A joke of a troop, golem is heralded as the best tank in the game but can barely survive 10 seconds before he is gone. TH9 gained only 20-30% defensive power and had a 20% increase in golem hp. TH10 gained almost 50% defensive power and giants gained 5% in hp. What a joke that is.

Old hp: lvl5 (TH10) 6300 > lvl6 (TH11) 6600 > lvl7 6900
New hp: lvl5 7000 > lvl6 8000 > lvl7 9000
Level 6 golems gain a new protection: they receive 50% less damage from the Eagle.

This is why Eagle will retain its 3x damage to golems, because the new power will reduce the damage for TH11 golems while still doing massive damage towards lower level golems. This will prevent lower level players (without assistance) from hitting a TH11 using golems.

Maxed eagles will do 2250 damage to maxed golems in one volley, which sounds more fair and allows golem to survive at least half the raid before the new buffed up infernos target him.

Taking inspiration from the builder base, witches at level 3 and above are buffed. Level 3 witches are dropped to TH10 and level 4 is introduced to TH11. Furthermore, a cap of 100 skeletons can be at the map at any point of time. This means 10 witches summoning two waves at most.

Level 3 witches gain a new ability: Skeleton’s revenge. Upon death of a witch, 10 skeletons will slowly come out of the ground (like how skeleton spells work) to avenge their dead (again) mother

Level 4 witches: 360 hp (hoping warden buffs her a little), 90 dps. Spawn count: 5, max spawn: 10 (same as lvl3), summon cooldown 4.8s (faster summoning, lvl1-3 are 5.6s)

Level 4 will spawn skeletons faster and allow the witch to quickly replenish their numbers. To balance it, that’s why only 100 skeletons can be on the map at one time.

Lava hound
He suffers the same fate as his brethren, the Golem. At least he does not suck as badly but it is a good idea to buff him in light of the buffed defenses

Old hp: lvl2 (TH9) 6200 > lvl3 (TH10) 6700 > lvl4 (TH11) 7200
New hp: lvl2 6200 > lvl3 6900 > lvl4 7800

Probably the most over-centralising troop there is right now. It needs a slight adjustment so that bowlers and wizards are different troops for different roles.

First things first, bowlers will receive a flat 50% dmg nerf. Don’t panic yet, the stone that bounces will deal double damage to the target. This means that the stone will deal half damage to its first target, but will deal normal damage to the target behind. This allows bowlers to be used for sniping certain buildings without harm to itself. I hope this is enough to differentiate bowlers and wizards without making either too overpowered or obsolete.

Stats also adjusted to face new defenses
+10 hp to lvl2 bowlers, now 320 hp
+10 hp to lvl3 bowlers, now 360 hp
+5 dps to lvl3 bowlers, now 90 dps

I do think that bowlers will suffer greatly from the warden nerf :/

Heal spell
The problem with heal spell right now is that infernos make it obsolete when you need it most. And if you remove that, then lower levels can easily hit up. A compromise is made so that your heal spell level and defending inferno level will determine how much you are able to heal

First though, some buffs to heal spell because it is too weak for the new TH10/11 metagame
Old healing: lvl6 (TH9) 1600 > lvl7 (TH10) 1800
New healing: lvl6 1600 > lvl7 1900 > lvl8 2300 (new for TH11)
This will hopefully allow hogs and miners to be healed enough for use otherwise another +100 to both lvl7 and lvl8 might be needed.

Lvl7 heal spell will now be able to heal through infernos.
Lvl1 inferno: 100% heal
Lvl2 inferno: 75% heal
Lvl3 inferno: 50% heal
Lvl4 inferno: 0% heal

So for a maxed TH10, you can heal 950 even under lvl3 inferno fire, but TH11 infernos will not allow you to heal at all.

Lvl8 heal spell will allow you to heal against TH11 infernos.
Lvl3 inferno: 100% heal
Lvl4 inferno: 75% heal
Lvl5 inferno: 50% heal

This is about the same dynamic as TH10. Maxed TH11 heal can heal half under maxed TH11 inferno fire (do remember that TH11 infernos deal 80 dps and can hit 6 targets!). And with the new TH11 heal spell, you can heal through TH10 infernos like it isn’t there at all (and they still only do 42 dps)

This creates a sense of progression and allows you to physically see how strong you have improved by doing upgrades and upgrading your Town Hall.

Jump spell
Besides a timer limit, jump spell also needs a level limit
Level 1 jump (new TH9): can jump up till lvl8 walls
Level 2 jump (maxed for TH9): can jump up till lvl10 walls
Level 3 jump (maxed for TH10): can jump up till lvl11 walls
New lvl4 jump (for TH11): can jump up till lvl12 walls, 80s duration

This means that lower levels cannot use jump spell against higher levels and must use earthquake instead, which is also rebalanced.

Freeze spell
Giving TH9 lvl1 freeze spell is probably the worst move SC has done and if it were able to be revoked, then it should be. TH9s are not entitled to scratch TH10s.

For the most part, freeze spell is usually much weaker compared to the new buffed heal and rage spells so it needs to be buffed as well. If possible, freeze spell should be changed to only have 4 levels instead of 6 so that we don’t need to spend 4 upgrades in TH10 to bring it to a usable level.

Freeze lvl1 (back to TH10): 5s
Freeze lvl2: 7s
Freeze lvl3: 9s
Freeze lvl4: 12s

Otherwise, any combination to bring it to at least 12 seconds for TH11 is truly needed given the buffs I have given to TH11.

Clone spell
Just make the troops permanent already!

Earthquake spell
The problem with earthquake spell is that it does not reward you at all for upgrading it. Level 1 can destroy any level of walls, so why bother upgrading it? This balance will allow you to use less spells to break weaker walls and require more spells to break higher level walls.

Lvl1 EQ (new TH8): you need 3 EQ to break lvl6 and lower walls, 4 to break lvl7 walls and 5 to break lvl8+ walls
Lvl2 EQ (maxed for TH8): you need 3 EQ to break lvl7 and lower walls, 4 to break lvl8 walls and 5 to break lvl9+ walls
Lvl3 EQ (TH9): you need 3 EQ to break lvl8 and lower walls, 4 to break lvl9 and lvl10 walls, 5 to break lvl11+ walls
Lvl4 EQ (TH10): you need 3 EQ to break lvl10 and lower walls, 4 to break lvl11 walls and 5 to break lvl12 walls
Lvl5 EQ (new for TH11): you need 4 EQ to break lvl12 walls and only 3 EQ to break any other level walls

This will make it so that you must upgrade both your EQ spells and your walls otherwise your enemies can have an easy way to destroy you.

Are my suggestions perfect? No.
Are the suggestions/wishlist feasible? Probably not.
The reason of writing this is to hope that SC can take inspiration and see what maxed TH11s want and increase the gap between the TH levels. The balance between TH levels is wonky right now and I hope they balance that.

Most of the numbers are off the top of my head and looking at their current stats in clash wiki, of course numbers can be adjusted as long as they are reasonable (mine probably isn’t).

For the TH9 whiners that complain that the troops will be OP in the cc? That’s why everything looks and sounds OP to a TH9, they are supposed to deal with defenses twice as strong as TH9. But if every troop is OP, then nothing is.

We’ll see what the Dec’17 update brings, but I do hope they balance properly instead of giving TH10 all the goodies to destroy TH11s.





  1. Hey Sin,

    Nice ideas. I can only comment as a spectator, but I’m curious about some of your thoughts, including the miner not being viable currently, and hog riders. I’ve witnessed in my clan a number of successful 10v10 3-star attacks with mass miner against a lalo cc. Further, I’ve witnessed tons of very high % 2-star and some 3-star attacks at 11v11 utilizing hogs. My clan is involved in competitive war, too, so these aren’t chintzy bases they’re up against. Can you shed light on your perspective here?

    As far as division across TH levels, I generally agree. And for you folks at end-game, I could see how adding unique abilities to certain units could be more engaging (it seems almost like the troop abilities from builder base coming to home village, in a way). I really like your idea about the heal spell and IT interaction. Simply nulling the heal spell altogether while in an IT aoe seems like it can be adjusted (and breathe new life into the heal spell at late game).


    • Well, I’ll need to try hogs and miners again but in my experience, they are too squishy and slow to deal with TH11 defense. Often, mass bowler/valks are much stronger because they deal with defenses much quicker. How many miners and hogs were used in the attacks?

      Thanks, I quite like adding new things to higher levels like this so that lower levels will have the incentive to upgrade their THs. I also considered to make these abilities exclusive to higher levels, meaning that even if you had TH10/11 troops in your cc as a TH9, you will not get their special abilities unless you are TH10/11


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