Even before anything begins (actually after the tutorial), I’ll just spend my $15 to buy 2 builder packs. These builder packs are insane and I highly recommend everyone who starts the game to buy it. Its an approximately 2x value and gives gems, you are buying 500 or 1200 gems for its normal price but getting another 500 or 1000 gems of value for the builders.


After buying 2 packs, you’ll have 250+500+1200 = 1950 gems. You need 2000 for the 5th and final builder which you can easily get by completing a few easy achievements.


Alright, time to start the game. TH2 now after the tutorial and time to make sure all builders are busy

Just drop every new thing and start the upgrade your town hall, TH2 has nothing to offer,


Farming in TH2 and TH3 is actually quite tough because nexting costs so much and profit margins are low. TH5 is where loot starts to get good and TH10/11 is where the loot peaks

With 5 builders working, it actually nearly maxed out TH2 before I reached TH3. Anyone who just started the game now should reach TH3 within the first few hours and start the TH4 upgrade within the first 24 hours

Read my updated TH3 guide:

TH3 Guide


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