Alright, after the long 24 hours of upgrading, I’m finally there.


TH4 is simple enough, the main focus is still storages. You should be able to max storages before you turn TH5, everything else is non-essential for now

I forgot to mention in previous posts that TH1-6 is exclusively mass barbs, no need barch yet until about TH6/7.


Mass barbs work just fine in crushing enemy bases, lots of loot. Lots for TH4 standards

I managed to max walls and most other things before TH5 completed, one of the great advantages of having 5 builders working right off the bat.


New TH5!

TH5 Guide

The 3rd army camp is the obvious upgrade here, besides that its the spell factory and all the defenses.  Just look, within 10 mins of being a TH5, I have increased my power by 30/80 = 37.5%. If TH12 could increase 37.5% power in like 2-3 weeks, we wouldn’t see the problem between TH11 and TH12


Ready for TH6!

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