Finally, after the long long 4 day timer, I’m finally TH7. First thing I did? Build and upgrade the 4th army camp and receive an instant 20% boost to my army capacity. At least TH7 finally has decent upgrades to do, such as DE pump and storage. Now that I can start farming DE, I can start working on heroes (albeit really slowly) as a TH7.


TH7 also has barch upgrades so lab is priority #1 as well. Having 5 builders really helps as a new TH7, but if you only have 4 then work on DE storage > lab > army camp > DE drill (if you only have 3 then do DE drill later).

Read up my TH7 guide:

TH7 Guide


The TH7 pack is interesting that it provides 27.5k DE and a lvl1 BK which means its an automatic lvl3 BK. Worth it? Not really especially because it doesn’t give gems. There is actually zero long term benefit of getting this pack except maybe the upgrade timer for the lvl2 tesla. Time is the only true bottleneck of this game,

I’d say, save the $10-15 (I think this pack costed $15 AUD so its probably $10 USD). There are much better packs in the future that you can invest in.

Here’s what I chose for my first clan games:


Because I started the clan games while being TH6, I had no option to choose any DE rewards. As a TH7-9, it may be a good idea to choose DE rewards over gems because the difficulty in getting DE. At TH10+ though where DE is abundant, I would definitely always choose gems unless I really want to rush hero levels.

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