Well, changed to a full TH7 farming base after building all the new stuff. Unfortunately, it isn’t enough to stop most if not all attacks by other people 😦

Oh well, stopping attacks isn’t important. The most important thing is that I’m making more gold/elixir than I can spend. DE is the only issue but that is because I’m a TH7 and it will definitely improve as I go up in TH levels.

Upgrading BK to lvl2 now, with barbs done in lab, started archers in lab and my DE drill going to lvl3. Storages and army camp still going to max. At TH5-7 where the town hall upgrade takes so long, I recommend you guys to start your TH upgrade early so that it finishes around the same time you finish your first/second priority upgrades

With 5 builders working, a new player can expect to reach TH8 within their first month of playing the game, this is normal and what you should aim for. If you have less builders, maybe it would take you around 35 days but I discourage anyone from staying in lower levels for long. Within your second month of starting the game, any player should be starting their TH9 journey. 

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