2 seconds before BK is awake, and..

He’s back asleep again. Book of heroes!

Now he’s lvl8 and awake. Got this BoH from clan games so its essentially free, but you shouldn’t buy a BoH from the trader and use it. While its true that I could’ve kept the book for later use, but since clan games are nearly done, I need to use this to claim the next book

Upgraded a barracks with the builder, and lab is nearly complete too

Just look at the growth archers get, 25% more dps and 21% more hp. If only higher levels got this sort of growth, instead higher levels only get +2 dps and +5 hp per level. SC is out of their mind

This is just my 2nd TH8 troop, if you can believe it. Probably should’ve just upgraded TH much earlier so that I could finish this right as I become a TH9. MiniSin stayed here for 30 days in the past and it was too long. Now its barely 7 days and I already feel I overstayed. I wonder how do people stay here for 3 months.

That’s it, time to upgrade the town hall! 

7 days to TH9, can’t wait! After that its all about the AQ

Just a small attack log showing off my loot gains, but in reality in TH10, my lowest loot attack is higher than the highest loot in this picture

These are the clan game rewards I alluded to, took DE because TH8 has pathetic DE. Otherwise the choices are fairly standard and obvious

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  1. Wondering why you say book of heroes from the trader isn’t worth it? Wouldn’t you be gemming hero levels otherwise (assuming that there is nothing better to use gems on), which is less efficient?


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