Merry Xmas everyone, hope everyone is doing fine. I’m just enjoying this public holiday at home. Had to work yesterday and going to work tomorrow

Now since my offenses are nearly maxed, its time to try and do some collector upgrades. Offense > resources > defenses is always what I follow, and is what you should always say. You can never go wrong as long as you follow this rule. Offense earns you more loot, collectors increase your passive income, whereas defenses do nothing for your base.

AQ lvl16 almost done and I have more than enough DE for her next level, though I could actually spend the excess DE to upgrade BK as well but I need to ensure I can farm enough before upgrading BK. Otherwise I risk jeopardizing AQ progress

This is the sort of idiot who is trained in reddit.

Fools like these waste hundreds of millions of gold and elixir just to work on heroes, not knowing that heroes become so much easier at TH10.

Read more about the idiocy here:

So dumb! So how do I praise this idiot?

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