If you can’t tell by now, my pictures are 1 month older than my current base, just mouse over or open my pictures in a new tab to check out when the pictures are taken. The above picture was taken on 25th Nov 2018. People ask me why I do this, its mainly because I don’t need to writedaily and can batch produce 3-7 blog posts whenever I’m free and schedule them throughout the week.

Anyway, I bought one of the black friday packs, can you guess which one?

I got only gold and elixir, but didn’t get any DE. This mean I bought the RM20 ($5) pack which had 3 builder potions. This has crazy value because I value each builder potion as 200 gems (full value about 367-550 gems), and $5 can only usually buy me 500 gems. The 1.5mil is just a small prize

Gold and elixir overflowing, literally. No builder is coming free soon and I’m not willing to spend more gems to finish builders. Hence, I’m wasting gems to buy a shield a instead

Shield activated for 1d2h, my next building will complete before that. I’m doing this instead of gemming the lab outright because the lab would cost 200+ gems, and I wouldn’t be able to start another troop upgrade. I have heal spell upgrading with the lab, so even if I gem the lab, I couldn’t upgrade another troop for 1 day. DE drill is not worth the gems and AQ would cost 354 gems instead, so I’ll just save my gems and time, and just buy a shield.


  1. A little confused as to why you bought a shield for 100 gems. Getting raided would only lose you 500k of each at most, which you can effortlessly get back with one barch raid.


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