Happy Black Friday! Tried to buy some stuff online but no one was giving any discounts, very sad indeed. But our main focus here are the bundles we are getting in CoC which are similarly trash

You’re essentially buying resources here and getting a few books for free. None of the packs are worth it and I would strongly advice you to save money.

The first pack is merely a book for $5 which isn’t a great deal. Its giving 10mil elixir, but that isn’t good at all given that you can farm that amount in less than a day.

The second pack is complete trash, I don’t think I need to explain it at all.

The third pack only has 8 books and is somehow giving gold of all things. It has even worse value than the first pack, because it is selling one book for $6. This pack is only good if you want to store all the resources for TH13. This would give you a gigantic head start and allow you to max out the new stuff pretty quickly. For me, that’s not worth it. I just want to skip the time and see how fast I can farm all the resources.

Selling resources to players is not a good idea because the fun of this game is accruing resources and progressing. Most people in the forums/reddit are willing to pay for time skips, but not resource skips. SC should know that by now but I think they earn more by selling resources to other players.

I remember buying one pack from the black friday pack last year:


These days, that pack would be considered pretty meh because its as good as one book for $5 as well. 3 builder potions = 162 hours saved (6 builders) whereas a book can skip 260 hours. We had a different definition of what was good back then, lol.

The main difference here is that the old packs gave 10 books for $50 which had fair value and you got books of everything which can be used for whatever you desire.

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