Sigh, same old problem all the time. Even in gold league, my DE is overflowing. Crystal has much more abundant DE but seems like gold is working perfectly for DE farming. Still waiting on most of my upgrades

CC is complete so I’m working on my 3rd army camp. Farmed quite a bit to upgrade both drill lvl5 and army camp, both totaling about 10mil elixir. Army camp is something they should make cheaper because it is an essential upgrade, not everyone can farm as good as me.

TH7 army camp: 750k

TH9 army camp: 2.25mil

TH10 army camp: 6.75mil – should be 4.5mil

TH11 army camp: 9mil – should be 7.5-8mil and increase army camp by 6 space (total TH11 will have 264 space)

TH12 army camp: 9mil – fair enough but should increase army camp by 7 space (total TH12 will have 292 space)

This should balance things better so that strength increase is proportional to cost increase. Everything late game should be this way so that while it might be harder to farm, it is more rewarding

Magic items almost fully used up 😦 Only 4 builder potions console me, allowing me to skip 180 total hours

Attack log:

Though DE sucks quite a little, the amount of loot here is insane. Partly because my DE is overflowing too, I’m skipping bases with good DE but less gold/elixir. Just see how much loot I can farm, and its all pretty easy too. Walls upgrading at break neck speed (if you consider 400mil/month as break neck)

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