Another boring day but take note that I have already farmed about 90k DE since yesterday, DE is crazy easy to farm which is why I always say it is dumb and stupid to be farming at lower levels when higher levels have such good DE. Imagine if I maxed out, I would’ve still been a TH7!

Since my DE is still overflowing, I will start upgrading BK right now. I should’ve started him much earlier but oh well. Upgrading him costs another 20k DE/day which brings my total farming requirement to 37k (45-8k from drills). That’s still a little too easy given that I almost farmed 150k in the past 36 hours


  1. TH9 (Max walls, 19Q, 18K,max def – 2 teslas) currently upping to th10 (5d 12h left), I read ur most recent new th10 upgrade guide after th12 (the post from 28th of november 2018) and I was wondering that what should i use the inf and bow builder for since I will most likely buy the th10 value pack since it’s only 20€ and it saves 2 builders and 14 days. Do i use both for drills or army camps after lab,cc & spell fac?


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