Ok, healers lvl2 are done so I’m upgrading goblins now. They actually grow pretty decently at lvl7 but only generally useful for dropping cups, not for all-purpose farming

They are also one of the longest lab upgrades in TH10, making them a good candidate for a book

And because I’m rushed, I have a ton of cheap upgrades after using this book

Just going to upgrade giants to lvl4, might bring them to lvl7/8 one day

AQ going to wake soon, but more importantly I am upgrading something else to alleviate my overflowing DE. With both heroes upgrading hopefully my DE won’t overflow so badly now

2 upgrading heroes cost about 37k/day, that’s still less than 10 raids per day which is easy for any decent farmer. I hear that people now say farming 5 attacks per day is already quite an amount. In the past, I remember raiding at least 30 times per day to upgrade my walls.

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