This was my base on Xmas eve, we get the xmas offers at that time. While people in most of the western world was celebrating, I was working Xmas eve and every single day during that time. Christmas really isn’t celebrated in my country but many people took their days off, unfortunately not me

And for once in a long time gems were included in all the packs. Gems were bought at normal price (RM20 for 500 gems for example) but there were free things with the gems. The 5 builder potion pack was the best one out there, giving more gems in terms of value than the original 1200 gems. It was also pretty cheap as well

SC really needs more packs like these because many of their normal packs just don’t give enough value. Free gems are always the best and my wallet would become tighter if they had more offers like these. Fortunately my two other accounts are maxed already so no point spending on them

BK upgrading to lvl14 now, he’s slowly chugging along but he’s not my major focus. Despite having a shorter upgrade timer, his level up speed is similar to AQ. This is because both heroes keep finishing on the same days, so farming for both is hard like that. At higher levels, it costs more than 200k DE to upgrade both heroes, and of course I would choose AQ all the time. This leads to BK being a little slower despite having a shorter upgrade timer.

Anyway, BK is pretty weak and doesn’t grow as well as AQ or warden, so he’s a good hero, just the third best hero

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