There are far less books in these Xmas packs but they aren’t actually all bad. These remind me of the very first value pack sold in the game which only had bonus resources + the usual gems. Since those days, it was quite common for minnows like me to pay $10-20/month for just gems, these packs were amazing. These days with magic items and the gold pass, such packs have greatly decreased in value.

With gems + resources +/- magic items in each value pack, most of these are decent if you are willing to pay. Gems can be considered as magic items as is because they essentially do the same thing.

tl;dr: The best pack is the RM39.9 or $10 pack with the book of buildings.

Compared to last year’s pack:

Day 89, Xmas offers

You get a book of buildings instead of 5 builder potions and get more gold from the same pack. I’d say that this year’s pack is far better than last year’s and if you are willing to pay a little, they can be great. If you aren’t willing to spend much, I’d say save money on these packs and buy the season pass instead. You can buy 2 season passes for the same price of the best Xmas offer this year and the season pass is far more worth it.

Pack 1: 25mil/25mil/250k + 120 walls wings and 14k gems for $100

This is a pack solely for whales and people do not need to worry about money. You can basically complete almost all walls in TH13 with just this pack, I’d say its not worth it unless you are a whale.

Pack 2: 12.5mil/12.5mil/125k + 60 walls rings and 6.5k gems for $50

The demi-whale pack. If you intend to buy this, I’d say the first pack is more worth it. If your allowance only can expand to $50, I’d say buy the lower packs and save your money. This pack is in the weird ground of being too expensive for normies and not worth it for whales. Unless you are a whale and have already bought the first pack, don’t buy this one.

Pack 3: 10mil/10mil + 20 walls rings and 2.5k gems for $20

In the past, I remember buying one of these packs because having such a deal was unheard of. Those days, I would spend $10/20 per month so getting free resources was great. Now, I would recommend buying the lower packs instead of this because getting free resources isn’t very worth it.

Pack 4: 12mil gold + Book of buildings + 1.2k gems for $10

If you are a minnow like me, this is the pack you’re going to buy. Book of buildings itself is worth at least 925 gems so you’re getting double value here. With 1.2k gems, you can buy 1-2 books or gem 1-2 upgrades which is essentially $3.33-5.00 per book. Seeing that I don’t have a book of building ready for the season bank loot next week, I will buy this pack and stockpile

Pack 5: 9mil elixir + research potion + 500 gems for $5

This pack is not that good because its basically a book of heroes and research potion for $5. The best buy for 500 gems is a BoH from the trader so that’s my basis of judging the gems. I wouldn’t recommend buying this pack though, because it really isn’t much value for your money. However, I would buy it myself for the 9mil elixir as I can skip one lab upgrade this way.

Pack 6: 4mil gold + builder potion + 130 gems for $3

The gem count here isn’t very worth it to begin with. You can normally buy 80 gems for $1 and here you’re paying 3x for 50% more gems. They are basically trying to sell you the builder potion for $3 and giving you 130 gems for free here. I’d say its a really small spend so its up to you whether to buy it. I will personally skip it because I can buy a ton of builder potions from the CWL shop and I can buy more gems using real money if I wanted to.

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