I have always said “troops before TH10 don’t matter” and I have a good reason for saying that. Maxing lab in TH9 for example really hurts your progress because none of the troops will be anywhere decent for a good player in TH10. Every useful TH10 troop is unlocked in TH10 itself, namely miners, bowlers and bat spell.

Funny thing about these troops is that having lvl1 miners or bowlers with lvl30 warden is stronger than having maxed TH12 troops.

Bowler hp lvl1 = 290

Bowler hp under warden = 290 * 1.7 = 493

Bowler hp lvl4 = 370

Miner hp lvl1 = 550

Miner hp under warden = 550 * 1.7 = 935

Miner lvl6 hp = 870

Having 20 mediocre arrows will not help you if your tournament only allows you to shoot 3 of them. The most important thing about CoC attacks is that you only really need one war army. Many people mistakenly think that having 5 maxed war armies to use is superior to having one, however it takes 5 times as long to get 5 war armies ready, and you don’t perform even two times better!

Sujiferro here played 4 months and probably advanced his account faster than mine, but people are hung up that he is a one-trick pony, completely forgetting that he will instead be a TH7 and be completely useless in wars. Instead, he is now a TH10 who can contribute meaningfully in wars being an asset rather than just a dud. He had QW + miners maxed and people think that is insufficient for wars. Once he upgrades bowlers, he would have two viable war armies already! People are just dumb, they think maxing valks and hogs would meaningfully increase his attack power when he already has the strongest war armies available

As for me, I’m still upgrading miners to lvl2 on my 3 month old account.

Started another dark barracks level, AQ still really slow. Both AQ and BK will finish around the same time, for now I can still afford both their upgrades. Hence I can keep both upgrading easily


  1. Thanks for the mention Sin. I look forward to your tips & tricks in your updated journal once you hit th11! I got a feeling we will hit it around the same time.

    P.S. Appreciate all the work you put in updating your blog. I found new tips that were real helpful. Cheers!


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