After some pretty insane farming, managed to farm the 80k DE necessary for AQ to lvl33. She’s sleeping now, BK is awake though so I’ll try to rectify that

Hmm, what is that on the left side?

Yep, easy peasy. 70-80k DE for AQ and now 14 hours later, another 70k for BK. This is how easy DE is right now, and I’m currently facing the same problem in TH11. Its crazy

Walls looking good, I’ll need to go to TH11 soon otherwise my walls will finish

26 * 3 = 78mil

85 * 2 = 170mil

Now only 248mil gold/elixir to maxed walls, its getting precarious


  1. I’m a th10 around where you were at day 80 or so. I have level 7 barch and 220 camp space at the moment.

    Whenever I try to barch it seems like I have to choose between getting good loot or dropping trophies. Right now I’m using loonion in the bottom half of crystal, but it’s expensive.

    How do I win more barch attacks to stay in crystal without sacrificing loot?


    • Try to use archers to snipe a few buildings first, maybe bring some minions to snipe some buildings. After that, you need to use 4 finger drop for barch, this means dropping all your barch very quickly, you can find videos on this on Youtube.

      Once you have 240 army camp space, you should be able to float around C2-3 easily. Using cc troops, you can easily survive in C1

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