Ok, instead of waiting for another day and having full DE (being a sitting duck), I would rather just spend the gems and start another AQ level. I would probably be better served if I just buy every single builder potion I see from the Trader.

Trader builder potion = 285 gems

Normal 285 gems = 29 hours (64% as efficient as builder potion)

If split among 5 builder, 285 gems = 57 gems/builder = 4.5 hours (50% as efficient)

Basically the trader’s builder potion is about 56-100% more efficient than buying them time outright. I’m not even comparing the fact that you can cut 9 hours from 3 heroes (27 hours in total) from just one potion, regardless of hero levels.

If you spend 500 gems for a book of heroes, you need to farm hard (almost 150-240k DE/day) to cut out 6-7 days of hero upgrade times. In the end, the total savings is only about 3 days (500 gems normally = 3 days), that is if you can farm the almost 200k DE/day to make it worthwhile. That makes it only marginally better than builder potion

If you only farm 100k/day, it would take you 2 days to farm that and start your next hero upgrade. That would only cut your hero upgrade time by 2 days, which is less savings than the builder potion.

If you only farm 50k/day, it would never make sense to buy a book of heroes because you would save more gems by gemming it outright. If it takes you 4 days to farm enough DE for your AQ, your AQ would only need 500 gems to gem (book of heroes = 500 gems), so you don’t need to waste your book of heroes when you could just spend the 500 gems

AQ growth is slightly better but unfortunately her cloak doesn’t grow really well. I would be cool if lvl60 unlocks 2 uses of your ability, or maybe a choice between one boost+invisibility vs two uses of damage increase. I discussed AQ’s growth yesterday because today’s post is already pretty long.

Lvl9 walls: 3mil * 3 = 9mil

Lvl10 walls: 2mil * 74 = 148mil

Total = 157mil remaining

Compared to x days ago, it means that I have farmed x mil/day to upgrade walls. Not bad I would say, at this rate I would definitely max walls within the next 2 weeks

Now I need to consider when to upgrade to TH11, I would have a holiday for Lunar New Year from 31st Jan to 9th Feb (date in picture: 13th Jan 2019). If I want to reach TH11 at that time, I would need to upgrade on 21st Jan. The TH11 upgrade takes 10 days, but that means I would be a TH10 for another 18 days and my walls will definitely finish by then. I want to go to TH11 before that happens.

Besides that, every single day I spend in TH10 is another day away from a maxed warden. If I want a maxed warden quickly, I would need to go to TH11 ASAP. Besides, since loot is too good in TH10 and people claim TH11 has worse loot, I probably need to go to TH11 ASAP to receive some “loot penalty”, otherwise my storages will be overflowing all the time

(Spoiler: I’m overflowing even worse in TH11)

AQ going to lvl35, BK is awake right now because I can’t upgrade both heroes at the same time. I will need to farm DE in 1.5 days and upgrade BK again.


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