Right after starting an AQ upgrade yesterday, I farmed enough for BK now. Now I have 4 days to farm another 50k or so DE, too easy. AQ will take another 170k or so though, so she will be a little tougher.

Progress is pretty good here, I’m quite happy with the amount of hero levels I can churn out. Most people stay in low levels and neglect heroes, a TH8 for example is neglecting their archer queen because they could upgrade their TH and start grinding the AQ

A TH10 is neglecting their warden, a day below TH10 is a day away from a maxed warden. The Grand Warden is also the strongest hero in the game, in fact a TH10 using a lvl30 warden is much stronger than a TH12 without warden.

BK going to lvl23, and 6 days to TH11.

This is still the miner event, and look at the loot I can get. Unfortunately when this event ended, I did like 4-5 raids in full price before I realised. Lost about 1.5mil elixir because of that, ouch.

48 * 2 = 96mil

96mil to go and only 6 days, I will not be able to max walls before TH11. Not a big deal though, having some cheap walls will help in when I am in TH11

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