Day 122

Few important first upgrades as a new TH11:

Warden lvl1 then lvl2 immediately, draining all my elixir

Eagle to max because there are no other gold upgrades available.

Besides that, I built the new wizard tower, archer tower and cannon.

Rune of elixir:

Hmm, actually I would be wasting 1.1mil elixir. Maybe after upgrading a few walls?

Much better, squeezing out an extra 1mil elixir from the Rune.

I actually need not upgrade my lab in day 1 of TH11. Since my lab is working on a 8 day upgrade, I can delay my lab for 2 days and still lose zero uptime in my lab. But I just opted to get it over with earlier, because who knows what will happen in 2 days’ time

One more Rune of Elixir and 3 book of everything. Not sure where to spend the books but I will use the rune to get archers after using book on Barbarians.

My plan after lab finishes: Upgrade barbs > book of fighting > rune of elixir > upgrade archers

The white town hall, it looks quite pretty actually. Some people don’t like that design but I quite like it. I like the TH12, lvl5 giga tesla design a little better, too bad it is quite underwhelming.

With only 4 builders available for general buildings, I have done:

  1. Warden 1 > Warden 2
  2. Eagle
  3. AT to 3 > Cannon to 4 > Wizard tower
  4. Lab

Obviously 5th builder is on AQ. You can use this as a general guide in the future if you are following my journals

Since this post is so long already, I will split this day. Next post coming in 12 hours 🙂


  1. Thank you for sharing your journey with us! Every morning i’m more than impatient to read your new post. I’m following your account with 40 days of delay and it really helps me a lot!
    Have a nice day Dusk


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