Upgrades going on now. I have 3 heroes upgrading because DE was overflowing and I still needed to wait 2 days for AQ to wake up. DE is perfectly fine in TH11 so people shouldn’t fear upgrading to TH11 really.

AQ waking up in 24 hours and I already have almost enough DE to upgrade her again. Warden also waking soon, elixir all prepared. I’ll just farm extra for more walls, have an amount of lvl12 walls completed already.

I always anticipate balance changes in every update, sometimes more than the major changes and features. That’s why I want to talk about the balance changes that were released recently:

Cannons and Archer Towers both nerfed, with Xbows and mortars buffed. The cannon and AT nerf made TH12 growth feel even more stunted. TH10 cannons are 26dps higher than TH9, TH11 has 18hp higher than TH10 but TH12 only has

CannonDPSIncrease (% increase)
TH1010024 (35%!)
TH1111818 (18%)
TH121257 (6%)

Just look at the pathetic growth seen in TH12, cannons are barely any stronger than TH11. TH10 definitely needs a nerf in cannon while TH12 needs a slight buff.

Archer towerDPSIncrease (% increase)
TH108010 (14%)
TH1110424 (30%!)
TH1211612 (11.5%)

Archer towers a little better, so if you want to choose always upgrade AT to max first before cannons. Xbows will be much stronger though, so Xbows > tesla > AT > cannons

The nerf in cannons and AT yields a total of 249 less dps! This means that peripheral defenses will now become much weaker and barch will be stronger.

The xbow buff seems pretty good, it makes TH11/12 significantly stronger than TH10. However, it is still a net nerf to TH12 making TH10 hits easier. The buff is also not enough to overcome the nerf to AT and cannons

The mortar buff seems great as well, but I don’t know why SC doesn’t just increase their firing rate. Now each TH12 shell will deal 175 dmg which is significant, it will take 4 shots to down a whole batch of bowlers and probably never take out miners. Its still a step in the right direction, though increasing its firing rate would be much more potent.

The best thing about this update this the buff to barbs and goblins. Goblins are still pretty meh, they would still be one shot by the new mortars (101 hp + warden = 172 hp), but mortars deal 175 dmg per hit = dead.

Barbs though, get 60 extra hp at TH11/12 which is huge! I cannot imagine such a huge change and it is not too far from my previous recommendation. This means that barbs will have 205 hp without warden and a whopping 348 hp under a maxed lvl30 warden! This is insane, more than 100 hp increase! Coupled with the nerf to AT and cannons, it would allow barchers like me to easily stay in M2-3 and earn better loot bonus.

Pre-buff, without warden125140
Post-buff, without warden145205
Pre-buff, with warden (lvl30)212238
Post-buff, with warden246348!

Previous barb recommendation: https://clashguideswithdusk.net/2018/11/29/day-19-beginning-of-the-th8-grind/

Even I didn’t dare predict 205 hp, I only suggested 188. With the change, even lvl4/5 infernos can be shrugged, its insane

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