Righty, another day at TH8 and I have accumulated enough DE for another BK level. BK lvl6-10 takes a mere 7.5 days to max! Ridiculous. The time reduction is actually really huge for low levels so there is really no excuse to neglect heroes till the end now. Even so, maxing TH8 still does not justify delaying heroes. It still takes you 2-3 months to max out TH8, that is time wasted towards your AQ.

These are my upgrades going on right now. Lab almost done, going to start barbs in lab soon. DE drill because how useful it is, storage for TH9 prep and dark spell factory so that I can at least have quake spell.

225 walls in TH8, each costing 250k gold. That’s almost 60mil elixir wasted if you want to max out TH8. Don’t do that. 202 walls to go for me, let’s see how fast I can complete them

Doing barbs right now, too bad their growth sucks at higher levels. If they had proper growth, barch would still be a formidable army to use against lower TH. Unfortunately like most things in game, everything grows less. Below are the stats of barch if they had kept up with TH8/9 balance

LevelOld dpsNew dpsOld HPNew HP
Level 418187878
Level 523239595
Level 62629110120
Level 73036125150
Level 83445140188

Since lvl4 to lvl5 increases stats by 25%, every other level should increase like that too, that makes barch relevant at higher levels too instead of the crap we are given at TH11/12. Every other troop should also follow this trend honestly

ArcherOld dpsNew dpsOld HPNew HP
Level 416163333
Level 520204040
Level 622254450
Level 725314862
Level 828395278

The current crap we are having is that lvl8 barch (TH11) which is 3 levels higher than TH8, is only 40-50% stronger! Bullshit. If each level actually increased by 25%, we would have troops which are twice as strong 3 levels down the line. That is proper balancing, not the stupid TH10 vs TH12 idiocy we see right now

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