I’ve touched upon this offer before but I’ll say it again. The “immense defense” $5 pack has 1mil gold and a book of building. This allows new TH11 to overflow storages and get 10mil gold. This gold can then be used to upgrade clan castle or eagle without upgrading any gold storages.

If you can buy this pack, gold storages become 2nd/3rd priority upgrades. If not, they are first priority because you need it for clan castle. Elixir storages are necessary for warden lvl15+ so make sure they are done before that time.

Clan castle upgraded. The pack gives a book of building as well allowing me to instantly complete it

Clan castle complete, now I can bring rage spells in my cc and save about 27-33k elixir per raid whenever I wish. Too bad the 40 space is locked behind TH12. I had wished for 40 space so much when TH11 was the max because it allowed so many extra combinations

No picture of my full base but you can see upgrading BK and lab. I used the extra builder to start my next AQ upgrade. Another builder is coming free in a few hours as well which is going to continue upgrading warden

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