This was the Lunar New Year pack, there are quite a few good packs here. The first $1 pack which gives 1 builder potion is amazing, it is much more worth it than the normal 80-120 gems you can buy for the same price.

The first golden hog pack is also decent, though it costs more per builder potion. Those are the two packs that I bought for this event. The others have too much resources to be worth it unfortunately.

I had 10mil here, I should’ve upgraded the Eagle Artillery and used a book. I regret a little here but oh well. I think I just used the gold to upgrade walls which were a waste

Gemmed AQ to spend my resources

AQ going to lvl40 now after using a book + rune. This is how you should generally use a BoH otherwise the book will save barely any gems or time. I know the rune of DE is rare so the next best thing is to farm the necessary DE for AQ in as short amount of time as possible. Book of Heroes is only as efficient as your farming speed. If your book came from clan games or events then its ok, but if you are buying the book then farming speed is necessary to maximise its cost.

Walls looking ok now, trying to upgrade as many white walls as possible. All 3 heroes upgrading with 2 army camps as well

Not really a good idea to have 3 days without a free builder, hmm. This is bad but I don’t want to let my AQ/GW be awake so I’ll have the bear the consequences of overflowing gold/elixir

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  1. Tbh I don’t get why you spend money on an alternate account. I do it on my main account but if you’ve already been through the experience of going to max TH12 then I don’t see why there is any hurry to do that again. You also lose bragging rights of being F2P or near F2P when you post about how fast you reach max, etc. But maybe it’s just me since I’m pretty averse to spending money.


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